National PPI Festival 2023 Announcement: Public and Patient Involvement – Where WE all matter

National PPI Festival banner including logos from the PPI Ignite Network, Dublin City University, The Irish Research Council and the Health Research Board. Contains details on the festival dates, email and twitter which can be found below.

Announcing the National PPI Festival 2023: Celebrating public and patient voices in health and social care research

Ireland, October 2023.


About National PPI Festival 2023

The PPI Ignite Network announces the National PPI Festival 2023 this October. Spotlighting the crucial role of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in health research, events will be hosted by universities, patient organizations, public agencies and charities across Ireland. Healthcare professionals, researchers, and the public and patients are invited to take part, to understand the significance and potential impact of the public and patient voice and to celebrate the growing influence of the public voice in research in Ireland in recent years.

The National PPI Festival 2023 isn’t just about events; it champions a shift towards greater public involvement in health research, where universities, health groups, charities, and the public unite as equals. Collaborating, they aim to produce research that makes a difference and resonates with all.


Why does this matter to you?

PPI isn’t just for research insiders. It gives everyone a voice in research decisions that may impact us all. Whether a patient, caregiver, or someone interested in the future of our healthcare system, the National PPI Festival 2023 lets you learn, share, and understand how to begin to drive meaningful change.


A fascinating programme of events

Coordinated by Dublin City University and the Network’s national office, the National PPI Festival 2023 includes in-person events in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Cork, and Waterford, as well as many online events. Some highlights include the University of Limerick’s launch of a participatory research partnership between UL’s WHO Collaborating Centre for Refugee and Migrant Health and the Department of Health, to inform and influence health policy. While Let’s chat about medicines at Trinity College Dublin is an interactive event that aims to empower people with intellectual disability about medicine use.

University College Cork and RCSI delve into the role of PPI in PhD research. Collaboration and patient advocacy are themes embraced by Maynooth University, Health Research Charities Ireland, the Irish Advocacy Network, and Dublin City University, while the National

Disability Authority bring a focus to involving people with disabilities as research partners. Meanwhile, the University of Galway explores PPI-driven innovation and the role of theatre in hearing the patient voice. A month-long exhibition of images taken by young adults experiencing homelessness to inform a co-designed mental health support programme will be on display in the James Joyce library at UCD, while a one-day co-creative poetry workshop takes place in Dublin for people with tinnitus. Other events focus on palliative care, working with young people, maternity care, and radiation therapy – the list is endless! Full details are available on


Upcoming launch at Dublin City University: A focal point of PPI in action

The Festival launch is planned for October 2nd at Dublin City University, including keynote contributions from Róisín Shorthall, TD and Dr. Sarah McLoughlin, from Cancer Trials Ireland. This event will emphasize the dynamics of PPI relationships and pave the way for a month of activities promoting collaborative, public-responsive health research.

“The face of research is changing rapidly in Ireland; researchers are now seeking out the public and patients to work as partners to design and conduct research that will have greater impact. The collaborations across many different sectors to organise these wide-ranging events in this second National PPI Festival demonstrates the rapid progress made in recent years, much of which has been funded by the HRB and Irish Research Council through the PPI Ignite Network.

Our overall aim is that research shaped by those impacted by the research will improve people’s health and improve healthcare.” says Professor Sean Dinneen, who leads the PPI Ignite Network.

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