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The first of its kind, the National PPI Festival in October 2022 featured a variety of events, organised by over 30 groups, taking place all over Ireland. 

With a mix of in-person, hybrid and online events, celebrating and raising awareness of PPI, or exploring PPI in a specific health conditions, the variety was endless (read our Impact Brochure here).

Here are links to resources generated during the Festival. 

National PPI Festival

#PPIFestival22 Highlights and Resources

PPI in Lab-Based Research

Bec Hanley, an independent UK PPI consultant, Dr Laura Jacobs UK Parkinsons and Dr Emma Dorris, UCD PPI Ignite Network programme manager contributed to this webinar organised by the national partner QUB.

Watch the presentations here, followed by a stimulating discussion.    

PPI Contributors Gathering

The enthusiasm and energy which this in-person event was imbued with is invaluable”

Designed by PPI contributors, for PPI contributors, this was a wonderful opportunities for PPI people to meet other PPI people.  Attendees identified questions for a PPI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We will share the PPI FAQ when completed. 

The finale from the Village Community Choir captured the day perfectly. 

PPI in Arthritis Podcast

World Arthritis Day was marked with the launch of a podcast conversation between RCSI researchers and people living with osteoarthritis, highlighting the important role of PPI to improve research into primary care of people with osteoarthritis. A super conversation combining lived experience with research and clinical knowledge – access the podcast here.

PPI values & Principles Launch

The PPI Ignite Network Values and Principles Framework was launched during the Festiavl, defining the values and principles underpinning the work of the PPI Ignite Network and proposed as the values and principles for PPI in research across Ireland.

The Network and all PPI practitioners are now tasked with embedding these values in our PPI practices.  

Access the Framework here.

Youth Mental Health Video co-design

The experience of co-designing and co-facilitating a MYSTORY study video, sharing young people’s asks for school mental health and suicide prevention was recounted during a Festival webinar from UL. 

Watch the webinar here. 

A Tale of Four SWATs

The COB-MS Feasibility Trial tested a cognitive rehabilitation approach for people living with MS. A person living with MS was employed as an Embedded Researcher on the team.

Listen back to the webinar here.

Is there a Role for Publishers in fostering PPI?

What role, if any, do publishers have in fostering public and patient involvement in research? You will be able to listen back soon to a fascinating webinar, moderated by Prof Grace Mulcahy (UCD), in discussion with representatives from three leading academic journals.

Watch the webinar here.

Irish Cancer Society PPI Showcase

Irish Cancer Society patient advocates, Siobhan Freeney, Clodagh Flynn and Yvonne O’Meara shared their thoughts on the impact that PPI can have on cancer research in Ireland during a Festival webinar.  

Watch the webinar here..

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