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The PPI Ignite Network promotes excellence and inspires innovation in public and patient involvement (PPI) in health and social care research in Ireland. Public and patient involvement in research means that the public and patients are involved in planning and doing research from start to finish and help tell the public about the results of research.

The Network aims to provide a shared voice for PPI across Ireland, aiming to change the research culture, an important contributor to improving health outcomes for the public.

The Network is based at seven Universities in Ireland, with a National Programme Office at NUI Galway. There are ten national partners and fifty three local partners. 

How we are funded

The PPI Ignite Network is funded by the Health Research Board (HRB) and the Irish Research Council (IRC), with co-funding from each of the Lead Universities, and builds on the initial PPI Ignite Programme (2017-2021).

PPI Ignite network

Excellence & innovation

National Office

The PPI Ignite Network national office, based in NUI Galway, aims to create a shared voice for PPI in research in Ireland, facilitating knowledge exchange and communication.

Lead Sites

At the centre of the Network are seven Universities, designing and delivering training, encouraging innovation, and driving excellence in PPI in research. 

National Partners

The ten national partners a drawn from the diverse stakeholders committed to increased public and patient involvement in research. 

Steering Group

The steering group provides leadership for PPI in Ireland and guides the strategic direction of the PPI Ignite Network.

Operations group

The Operations Group is a forum for the Lead Site programme managers and the national programme manager to connect together to exchange information, share learnings and discuss operational challenges.     

Public Advisory Panel

The Network is currently working with PPI contributors to plan the process required to establish a Public Advisory Panel, aiming to put the public voice at the centre of the Network’s activities. 

External Advisory Panel

We will be establishing an External Advisory Panel, to review progress and seek advice from a range of additional perspectives. 

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