Opportunities Terms & Conditions

I understand that the PPI Ignite Network does not know who contacts me through the PPI Opportunities Noticeboard and that it is my responsibility to assess whether a person who contacts me through the Noticeboard will be a good fit for my research and research team.

I agree that my research team and I will:

  • Respond to each person who responds to the posting on the PPI Opportunities Noticeboard within 5 working days
  • Adhere to the PPI Ignite Network Values and Principles Framework in our partnership with PPI Contributors
  • Respect the confidentiality of each person who responds to the posting, I will not share any personal information or contact details outsideof my immediate research team and will only share essential personal information and contact details within my own research team.
  • Seek agreement from each person who becomes a PPI Contributor working with my research team before sharing any identifiable information at conferences or public events, in communications materials or through any other communications channel.
  • Comply with my/our institution’s Research Integritypolicy and any other policies around research ethics and research codes of best practices.

I also agree that I will provide anonymous data to the PPI Ignite Network on the number of contacts received through the PPI Opportunities Noticeboard.

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