Our work packages

Work package 1

Building PPI capacity across communities

We are committed to building capacity for involvement across stakeholder groups (disciplines, sectors, communities, public, patients, researchers) through collaborative partnerships and delivery of co-created training. 

Co-lead by DCU, Health Research Charities Ireland and University of Galway, the primary objectives of work package 1 are to build capacity for meaningful involvement across all stakeholders and to create participatory spaces for co-learning from diverse perspectives.

Work package 2

Embedding PPI into undergraduate and postgraduate education  

For PPI to be meaningful, it must be normalised into academic training. Future generations of researchers and clinicians need to understand PPI and how best to include PPI in their research.

Co-led by UCC and UL, the objective of work package 2 is to develop capacity in PPI at all levels, embedding and normalising PPI into the teaching and learning. 

Work package 3

Embedding PPI locally and nationally

We aim to determine the extent to which PPI is currently embedded across Universities and strive to further embed best practice.   

Co-lead by RCSI and UCD, work package 3 objectives are to identify and sustain successful developments in Universities, to adopt or adapt these development in other Universities and to develop new, innovative forms of PPI implementation. 

Work package 4

Promoting PPI excellence

Promoting PPI excellence is at the core of what the PPI Ignite Network does.

Led by Trinity College Dublin, the objectives of work package 4 are to  improve the quality of the Network’s PPI activities and develop a culture of impact assessment in PPI. 

Work package 5

Building a strong National PPI Network  

The PPI Ignite Network aims to develop a shared voice for PPI in Ireland, creating and facilitating opportunities for collaborative working. 

Led by the national office, the objectives of work package 5 are to create a shared, coherent and vibrant national voice for PPI and to 
develop a nationally-coordinated and internationally recognised network of PPI excellence.

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