Dr. Antoine Boivin

Canada Research Chair in Partnership with Patients and Communities

Dr Antoine Boivin MD PhD is a practicing physician and the Canada Research Chair in Patient and Public Partnership.  Working as a family physician in the community of Center-South Montreal, he completed his MSc and PhD in health services research in the United Kingdom and Netherlands. His research program for the past 15 years has focused on patient and citizen engagement in community care, health services delivery, science and policy. He published in the British Medical Journal (where he is member of the International Editorial Advisory Board), the Milbank Quarterly (article of the year), Implementation Science (distinguished article of the year by the North American Primary Care Research Group) and Health Expectations (most quoted articles in 2018).

Co-founder and scientific director of the Center of excellence for partnership with patients and the public, one of the largest organizations dedicated to partnership science and practice in Canada, Dr Boivin is co-director of the Quebec SPOR-SUPPORT Unit, where he leads national initiatives on patient and public engagement evaluation. In 2020, he was awarded the Donald I. Rice award for vision and leadership by the Canadian College of Family Physicians.

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