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PPI Ignite network

The public voice shaping our Network

Our Public Advisory Board brings the voice of the public and patients to guide the strategic development of the PPI Ignite Network.  Established in May 2022, the diverse members of the Board are from across Ireland and draw on a wide range of personal, professional, PPI and community-based experiences to advise the Network on how best to achieve its goals.

Read here a short introduction to each of our our Public Advisory Board members. 

PPI Ignite network

Public Advisory Board Members

Cameron Keighron

I am a 28-year-old PhD student based at the University of Galway, studying neurodegeneration. I have been actively involved in PPI for over 6 years with the D1 Now project looking at improving healthcare outcomes for young people with diabetes in Ireland. I am passionate about including the lived experience of people in all elements of research, particularly the voice of young people. When I am not in the lab, I love being outdoors and playing sports!

Carmel Geoghegan

Carmel became primary carer to her mum Angela in 2010.  Angela received a very late diagnosis of vascular /frontotemporal dementia and Carmel cared for her mother until the end of life. This life changing experience began Carmel’s advocating for the voice of persons with a disability and the primary carer / family. She established Dementia Ireland Empowering Communities with an emphasis on education to reduce the misunderstanding attached to a diagnosis and empower those affected to voice their needs, fears and be involved in the decisions that affect them.                                                               

This advocacy work centres on the importance of including the voice of the person in all interactions relating to them and in particular ensuring that their voice is central at all stages of research including the planning, consultation and translation of outcomes arising from the research into actions.

Deirdre Mac Loughlin

Retired following a career spanning over 40 years, 30 of which were in Global management roles in IT following 10+ years in education teaching at 2nd and 3rd level.

A strong interest in public involvement in health and social care research and ethics.

Economic growth & development in the West of Ireland and the promotion of excellence in the built environment are core interests.

Always have time for travel, gardening, tennis and bridge.

Elizabeth O'Ferrall

Engineer, wife, mother of 5, grandmother, sister, friend, problem solver.

Professionally, ensuring standards developed consider the diversity of the end users including persons with disabilities and older persons.

Experience of hospital care in 2015 following a heart attack.

Family, sport and the promotion of  inclusion, equality and equity at every opportunity.

Ger Halpin

I’m 62 years old and I’m a full time carer for my adult son since September of last year. Before that I worked as a housing liaison officer for a local authority. 

I’m an approved mediator and I have a master’s degree in Public Policy and a post graduate degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies. 

I’m passionate about social justice, particularly in health care and in the power of adult education and community development to shape change in society and research.

Helen Rochford Brennan

Helen Rochford-Brennan is a Global Dementia Ambassador. From County Sligo, Helen spent many years working in the tourism and disability sectors and has also been very involved in community activism, working at board level in several organisations. Since her diagnosis with early-onset dementia in 2012, Helen has been at the forefront of developing new ideas and human rights strategies for people with dementia in Ireland and Europe.

Jeremy Holt

Jeremy Holt worked in unskilled and semi-skilled jobs during his working life.He obtained a BA whilst working as an attendant at UCC. Has always been a trade union and community activist.Since retirement has reviewed grant applications for the HRB as a Lay Public Reviewer. Jeremy s on the Steering Committee of two other PPI projects after seeing them advertised on PPI Ignite Network newsletters.

Lora Ruth Wogu

I am a healthcare professional, founder/CEO of Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Ireland as well as a founding member of the European Sickle Cell Federation. I advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Quality patient care, core to effective healthcare service provision. I am passionate about migrants’ involvement and participation in research and policy development in education, health and environment.

Mandy Daly

Founder & Director of Advocacy & Policymaking with the Irish Neonatal Health Alliance. Healthcare professional turned Patient Expert, Embedded Patient Researcher, PPI, Guest Lecturer, PhD Mentor, Curriculum Developer, EUPATI Fellow and National Office Research Ethics Clinical Trials member with both national and international experience. Mum to a 25 week premature girl now aged 16. No prizes for guessing why I do what I do!

Martin Quinn

Martin Quinn is a native of Bansha, in County Tipperary and a stroke survivor, having suffered a stroke in 2013 while he was doing an interview on local radio. He has been active with the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) in many of their campaigns for better services and awareness for stroke survivors and is a member of the Irish National Audit of Stroke Governance Committee. 

Robert O'Malley

CEO of Technology Start Up specialising in Green Tech developed and manufactured in Ireland. 

12 years experience in Senior Treasury Operations Management. Passionate about change and harnessing the benefits. 

Travel, family & friends and nature are at the centre of my life 

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