Making a difference

Impacting ppi knowledge and skills

Supporting PPI in lab-based research

The PPI Ignite Network led the development of a postgraduate module outline on PPI in laboratory-based health or biomedical research. Defining the recommended content and format for Level 8 postgraduate module, this Network output was developed to address a lack of education materials on PPI in laboratory-based research. A companion module for PPI contributors was also developed, and can be delivered in parallel to the postgraduate module, simultaneously building the capacity, knowledge and confidence of PPI contributors. 

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IMPACTING ppi knowledge and skills

Accredited, quality education

The UCC Digital Badge in Patient and Public Involvement in Research is a free online micro-credential, validated by UCC. The Digital Badge can deepen the knowledge of learners already familiar with PPI, as well as serving as an introduction to beginners. The Badge serves to formalise and validate PPI education and has benefited students and early career researchers through early exposure to high quality PPI in research education. It has laid the foundations for subsequent collaborations across the Network in co-creating an accredited PPI postgraduate module. 

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empowering PPI partners 

Seeding change

The PPI Seed Funding Scheme, led by PPI Ignite Network @ UCD tested ways of shifting the power balance in PPI contributor/researcher relationships. An investment of €16,000 resulted in an expansion and positive changes to strengthen PPI processes outside of academia. Within a year, the collaboration had exceeded its intended reach and expanded to include people from all across Ireland, demonstrating how small changes in our research processes, like seed funding competitions, can have positive impacts on partnership building. 

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Building meaningful partnerships

A consensus on what matters

The PPI Ignite Network Values and Principles Framework provides a means by which people can discuss, plan, assess, and celebrate what is meant by excellent PPI in an Irish context. Developed by PPI Ignite Network @ TCD, with input from PPI contributors, researchers and other stakeholders, and launched during the National PPI Festival 2022, the framework offers guidance on what is considered good quality approaches to PPI.

Since the launch of the framework, there have been positive indicators of change as different partners have begun to adopt the framework to guide their work. By becoming integrated into PPI education and training and practice, the framework is  helping to shape how researchers engage with PPI partners. 


Read about the Values and Principles Framework here.

Added value of the PPI ignite network

Celebrating progress, making connections  

 The National PPI Festival, hosted annually in October, celebrates PPI progress to date across Ireland and provides a wealth of opportunities to foster new and existing relationships. Connecting many who have not yet been involved in PPI, including research and clinical communities, and members of the public and charities, increasing the overall awareness of PPI in Ireland. The Festival creates a buzz about PPI, strengthening existing relationships, sparking new conversations, and exploring novel ideas and innovations. 

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the ppi ignite network: a central hub

Opening the door to PPI

The PPI Ignite Network communications initiative brings PPI to new and existing members of the public and health and social care research. Central to these efforts is our online hub, supported by our monthly newsletter, that offers a wealth of information, increasing and expanding people’s understanding of PPI. It serves as a first ever national repository of practical and reusable PPI resources. Responding to a gap identified by PPI contributors, we launched the PPI Opportunities Noticeboard in April 2023. Co-developed with PPI contributors and researchers, it serves as a space where researchers can share PPI opportunities with the public and patients, who can then connect directly with researchers if interested. 

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expanding international recognition

Growing PPI in the lab  

The PPI Ignite Network is raising the visability of PPI expertise at a European level. PPI Ignite Network @ UCD, blostered by UCD’s history of PPI in basic and translational lab-based research has raised the profile of Ireland as a leader in this area and led to an extended network of PPI, academic, and SME relationships across Europe and beyond. This includes collaboration or consultation with researchers and organisations from the USA, UK, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Latvia, Croatia, Malta, Greece, and Luxembourg. 

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expanding international recognition

Flying the Irish flag abroad

Those outside of Ireland now recognise that there is something different to the approach we are taking here to developing PPI. Attention is rapidly growing from research funders, policymakers, and individuals across the four nations of the UK, in Europe and North America, establishing Ireland as an international leader in PPI. Through our outreach and activities, international recognition of the Network is steadily expanding. 

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