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The PPI Ignite Network @ UCD team are actively embedding PPI in health and social care research, education and training, professional practice and administration across UCD’s structures. At UCD we are developing support to involve people from all backgrounds in research and education. We are learning together to make involvement in health and social care research meaningful and effective. Jointly with the PPI Ignite Network @ RCSI, we are leading the work package to embed PPI locally and nationally through a national review of institutional policies and procedures, with the goal of expanding best practices across stakeholder organisations.

PPI Ignite network

Local Partners

Family Carers Ireland​

Family Carers Ireland

Family Carers Ireland are committed to actively embedding PPI in health and social care related research relating to family carers. Through this commitment we contribute to the development of a community of practice to support understanding on public engagement.

Spinal Injuries Ireland​

Spinal Injuries Ireland

We represent the services users from Spinal Injuries Ireland to ensure they can engage in PPI research opportunities to truly participate and contribute to the ‘seldom heard voice’.

Irish East Hospital Group​

Irish East Hospital Group

IEHG’s partnership with UCD is an essential component in leading and providing care to our patients, clients and service users. Engagement with service users is an essential component of our work as a healthcare provider.

PKU association of Ireland​

PKU association of Ireland

The PKU Association of Ireland (PKUAI) are acutely aware of the critical importance of capturing and documenting the lived patient experience to optimise clinical outcomes and improve quality of life for those living with PKU and allied metabolic disorders. We welcome the opportunity to share our patient voice and that of our extended community, to both help raise awareness and highlight the unmet needs of this vulnerable group.

Dublin Simon Community​

Dublin Simon Community

Dublin Simon Community works with people who are currently or are at risk of becoming homeless. Through our partnership with the PPI Ignite Network @ UCD, we want to promote inclusion and ensure that the perspective and voice of our clients influences and informs our research, advocacy, policy and service delivery.

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)​

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)

TENI endeavours to change how we participate in advocating for a human rights healthcare service for trans people by viewing research as a vital means of changing how we are heard. We endeavour to promote PPI in health and other areas of research and contribute to the development of a community of practice to support understanding on public engagement.

Disability Federation of Ireland​

Disability Federation of Ireland

DFI ensures the needs of people with disabilities and organisations for people with disabilities are taken into account. As both an advocacy organisation and umbrella group with over 120 member organisations, we are well placed to represent organisations working in the disability field, and discuss what they might want from PPI.

Sage advocacy​

Sage advocacy

Sage Advocacy provides support and independent advocacy services for older people, vulnerable adults and healthcare patients. The right to have your voice heard and to participate in making decisions which affect you is a fundamental principle in a democratic society. This underpins our work and drives our objective to take innovative approaches to ensure the participation of the people we represent in our work.

Éidín Ní Shé

Dr Ní Shé worked as research lead on stage one of the UCD PPI ignite program. Dr Ní Shé will provide feedback and input on the continued work of the PPI Ignite Network @ UCD and will undertake knowledge sharing work with UCD PPI ignite colleagues and national partners.
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