Broadening Patient Involvement in Ovarian Cancer Research


Research Area:

Ovarian cancer

What is the research about?

In our lab, we have four research projects that aim to improve the detection and treatment strategy for ovarian cancer.
We want to improve the detection of early stage disease. We aim to develop personally tailored treatments, and develop new therapeutics. We want to understand why patients stop responding to particular treatments to improve response to treatment.


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We have established a very active patient advisory committee, and together we were awarded a prestigious Public Patient Involvement award from the Irish Cancer Society in 2022. We are looking for new members for our patient advisory committee.


The team want to involve anyone who has been affected by ovarian cancer, whether you were personally affected or are a family member or friend of someone who was affected. The team is particularly keen to involve those from underrepresented or minority groups and have already made a focused effort to reach out to the Bangladeshi community in Ireland.


Our PPI plans


We (the researchers) will want to find out what you think about the research, why the topic is (or is not) important in your eyes, and why. We (the researchers) will be looking for input from you (PPI contributors) about how we can design our research plans, and improve the clarity of research goals to ensure they are patient-focused. We want to make sure what we are researching is relevant to those impacted by ovarian cancer.  We will also look for advice and guidance on how to and where to explain our research to public audiences in non-scientific language, which is an important part of sharing the results of research.

Opportunity for:

Person living with condition / Member of the public / Parent or carer

Involvement Opportunity Details


Time commitment:

The initial plan will provide 2-4 opportunities for new and existing PPI contributors to visit UCD with other people affected by ovarian cancer, and get a tour of the laboratory where the research is happening. Two of the four researchers will explain their research projects, while another day will be organised for the other two researchers to explain their work. PPI contributors are welcome to attend either one or both of these events. The PPI contributors will be able to ask questions about the research and to discuss the topics being researched with the researchers.

Contact between meetings:

The outcomes of our research projects will be shared with the PPI contributors in newsletters that we will send via email in between the research workshops bi-annually for the duration of our PhD projects.

Length of involvement:

We plan to run additional workshops over the next 2 years but ongoing involvement is entirely optional.

Start date for involvement:




Online / In Person

If online, explain how:


If in person, explain where:

O' Brien Science Centre, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4.

Other ways of communicating:

Social media e.g. the research group has numerous Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts that participants can follow

Funding available for:

PPI contributor’s time / Travel and other expenses

If no funding available, explain why:

Not applicable

Other Information

Stage of the research study/ programme:

Research started

Is this opportunity for PPI in a PhD:


Closing date to contact researchers:


Research Team

Contact person:

Antoinette Perry


University College Dublin

Contact email:

Researcher background:

Cancer biologist

Research funder:

Irish Cancer Society


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