Developing new therapeutics for neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer


Research Area:


What is the research about?

Our research team studies neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer. We aim to understand better how this cancer progresses and find new treatments. Particularly, we want to understand how we can teach our immune system to kill cancer cells and prevent cancer reoccurrence.

We want to start with the organisation of an educational PPI meeting during September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, where researchers, clinicians, the public, cancer patients and parents of children with cancer can meet and learn about research carried out at RCSI and worldwide. We hope that PPI contributors will help us to shape the event by identifying topics for discussion. Building on this event, we will develop a tailored plan for annual educational events. We plan to work closely with PPI contributors to identify gaps and bridges in cancer research and science communication. We

Opportunity for:

Person living with condition / Member of the public / Parent or carer

Involvement Opportunity Details


Time commitment:

one meeting every month

Contact between meetings:

emails/video calls

Length of involvement:

originally for upto 3 years but depends on the PPI contributor willingness

Start date for involvement:




In Person

If online, explain how:

Not applicable

If in person, explain where:

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Other ways of communicating:

phone call or video call

Funding available for:

Travel and other expenses

If no funding available, explain why:

Not applicable

Other Information

Stage of the research study/ programme:

More than one research study

Is this opportunity for PPI in a PhD:


Closing date to contact researchers:


Research Team

Contact person:

Olga Piskareva


RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Contact email:

Researcher background:

cancer biologist

Research funder:

Health Research Board


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