Invitation to patients and carers to become involved in research on Antimicrobial Resistance in hospital settings


Research Area:

Infection control/ Microbiology/Antimicrobial Resistance

What is the research about?

I am a professor of microbiology at Maynooth University. I lead a team of researchers who are looking at how we can try to prevent bacteria that are resistant to treatment with antimicrobial medicines from spreading in hospitals. Antimicrobial medicines are used to prevent and treat infections. They include things like antibiotics. Anti-microbial resistance happens when bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites change over time and no longer respond to medicines. This makes infections harder to treat and increases the risk of a disease spreading.

One research project that I am leading is looking at antimicrobial resistant bacteria called CPE and MRSA. We want to understand how the bacteria go from surviving outside a
patient, to causing infections within a patient. We are planning to investigate the issue of
CPE and MRSA bacteria from different perspectives.

Opportunity for:

Person living with condition / Member of the public / Parent or carer / Service user

Involvement Opportunity Details


Time commitment:

We are planning to hold our meetings with patients and carers online and will offer a selection of times. The online call will be about 1.5 hours long. This will be an initial relationship-building call with more to follow if patients/carers/public are happy to become involved further.

Contact between meetings:

Email contact

Length of involvement:

We have opportunities for people to become involved over a 3 year period, if they so wish.

Start date for involvement:





If online, explain how:

Zoom is possible with Teams as a second choice.

If in person, explain where:

Not applicable

Other ways of communicating:

phone call or video call

Funding available for:

PPI contributor’s time

If no funding available, explain why:

Not applicable

Other Information

Stage of the research study/ programme:

Funded but not yet started

Is this opportunity for PPI in a PhD:


Closing date to contact researchers:


Research Team

Contact person:

Prof Fiona Walsh


Maynooth University

Contact email:

Researcher background:


Research funder:

Health Research Board Ireland


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