Ryan-Treacy Tumour Immunology Group (Colorectal Cancer)


Research Area:


What is the research about?

One of the most common types of cancer in Ireland is Colorectal Cancer (CRC). The importance of the immune system in cancer, including in CRC has been extensively described. Our group researches the role of immune system and how its power can be harnessed to treat CRC.

The groups research will look at cells in the blood, within and surrounding tumours in those living with colorectal cancer.
We will explore how these cells interact to prevent the immune system from destroying cancer cells.
Having a greater understanding of how the immune system is suppressed in colorectal cancer has a lot of potential in the advancement of diagnostics and immunotherapies.

Opportunity for:

Person living with condition / Member of the public / Parent or carer / Social care experienced person / Service user

Involvement Opportunity Details


Time commitment:

2-hour meeting, twice a year for two years

Contact between meetings:

Email notice of meetings up to a month in advance, outlining the date and agenda to be covered. Potentially material to review prior to meeting (compensated).

Length of involvement:

2 years

Start date for involvement:




Online / In Person

If online, explain how:

Online meetings will take place over Zoom or Teams. Communication outside of meetings, may be carried out via email or over the phone depending on participants preference.

If in person, explain where:

Any in-person meetings will take place in Galway City, most likely Galway University Hospital.

Other ways of communicating:

Microsoft Teams / Phone call / Social media e.g. the research group has numerous Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts that participants can follow / video call / Whatsapp / Zoom

Funding available for:

PPI contributor’s time / Travel and other expenses

If no funding available, explain why:

Not applicable

Other Information

Stage of the research study/ programme:

Research started

Is this opportunity for PPI in a PhD:


Closing date to contact researchers:


Research Team

Contact person:

Ana Walsh, Emma Gorman


University of Galway

Contact email:


Researcher background:

PhD Student (Cancer Immunology)

Research funder:

Irish Cancer Society


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