PPI Opportunities Noticeboard connecting researchers and potential PPI contributors

The PPI Opportunities Noticeboard is a platform where researchers can connect with members of the public and patients who are willing to bring their lived experience to help prioritise, plan and conduct research.

A researcher or research team requiring help to find PPI contributors for research, can submit their PPI opportunity, here on our online hub, providing brief information about the research area and details about the PPI opportunity itself. The PPI Ignite Network team reviews the information provided for completeness. PPI Opportunities are then published at regular intervals on the PPI Opportunities Noticeboard.

Members of the public, including patients, carers and service users, can read about open PPI Opportunities.

If an individual is interested in an opportunity, they can submit an expression of interest through the web site, which goes direct to the research contact person. The research contact and the interested person then connect with each other, discuss the research and the PPI plans, and they decide if they are a good fit for each other.

We are currently inviting researchers from the PPI Ignite Network Universities and from Maynooth University, and staff at the Network’s national and local partners to submit PPI opportunities. We will publish the first opportunities on the PPI Opportunities Noticeboard in mid-April 2023.

Researchers: Check out a video introduction here for researchers (or the video script here).

Members of the public, PPI Contributors: Read a short introduction here. The PPI Opportunities Noticeboard  will go live in mid-April 2023, including a video introduction for members of the public and PPI contributors.

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