Collaborative research with disabled people: Guidance for Researchers


This new guidance is a practical resource to support researchers to meaningfully involve people with disabilities throughout the research process.

Although aimed at researchers, the guidance may also be useful for disabled people who are interested in getting involved in research and for organisations who wish to support their members to get involved in research.

The guidance was informed by a series of consultations with representatives of Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs), disabled individuals, researchers and other stakeholders. The guidance was also informed by an extensive literature review of recent evidence on collaborative approaches to research that the National Disability Authority conducted in 2022 (You can read the full literature review, and an Easy-to-Read version of the literature review toward the end of this page).

The full guidance on conducting collaborative research is available to download on the NDA website below. A summary of the guidance follows in Easy-to-Read format, and in Irish Sign Language.

Developed by:

the National Disability Authority (NDA)

Link to file:

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