PPI in the HRCI/HRB Joint Funding Scheme: Case Studies


The HRCI/HRB Joint Funding Scheme is a unique scheme that brings together members of Health Research Charities Ireland (HRCI) and the Health Research Board (HRB) to co-fund projects of key relevance to HRCI member charities. PPI is integrated throughout the Joint Funding Scheme. The HRB includes specific questions about PPI in the application form and the review panel includes PPI reviewers. These case studies present examples of applications to the Joint Funding Scheme that were specifically praised for their excellent approach to PPI. Each case study briefly describes the proposed research project, before setting out the PPI approach as described in the application form. The particular strengths of the PPI plans in the application are then discussed, and the case studies conclude by making suggestions for further applicants to the scheme.

Developed by:

Sarah Delaney (Research Support Officer) and Avril Kennan (CEO) of HRCI

Link to file:

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