Anna Papyan

UL, Research Assistant

Anna is a graduate of sociology from Yerevan State University, Armenia․ With extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, she has worked on a variety of research projects in health, education, migration, human rights, civic activism, public policy. Anna has also collaborated with several community development initiatives on awareness raising, capacity building, civic participation, activism and the promotion of human rights. She has organised and facilitated trainings, seminars and discussions using participatory approaches and techniques. Anna is currently involved in a number of initiatives with the Shannon Family Resource Centre (FRC) and served as Community Liaison Officer in the Ethnic Minority Health research project conducted by UL Graduate Medical School in collaboration with Shannon FRC. Within the project she organised and supported facilitation of participatory group discussion with community members of different ethnic backgrounds. Anna has recently been appointed as research assistant to the Research Prioritisation for Migrant Health project, coordinated by the HRI funded PART-IM (Participatory and Arts-Based Methods Involving Migrant in Health Research).

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