Dr. Emma Dorris

Programme manager for PPI Ignite Network @ UCD.

Dr. Emma Dorris is the programme manager for PPI Ignite Network @ UCD. Emma is a biomedical researcher by training. She established The Patient Voice in Arthritis Research in 2017, which aimed to develop patient and researcher partnerships with the goal of reframing research to focus on the patient rather than the disease. Emma is an advocate for responsible research and innovation, and collaborates internationally to help scientists involve the public in research that is not naturally public-facing (such as preclinical and laboratory research). Emma has authored a number of articles in public involvement in preclinical and life science research. She has a passion for improving research culture across all disciplines. She has a particular interest in policy and practices related to PPI and in developing ways to embed PPI as part of the research culture towards more relevant and impactful research.

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