Dr Eoghan Scott

Interim Programme Manager, PPI Ignite Network @ DCU

Eoghan Scott joins the PPI Ignite Network @ DCU as the interim program manager, bringing a rich blend of academic achievements, clinical experience, and creative endeavours to his role.

Starting his academic journey at DCU, Eoghan obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a PhD. During his undergraduate studies, he was the proud recipient of the BSc Psychology Award for Civic Engagement, a testament to his deep commitment to driving positive change in community settings. In his PhD, Eoghan focused on a critical and impactful subject—understanding the quality of life for individuals affected by problem alcohol use and their affected family members. His research offered essential insights into this field, emphasizing his potential as a significant contributor to health psychology.

Following his doctorate, Eoghan further honed his research skills as a postdoctoral researcher, where he led a paper for an IRC-funded COALESCE project at Dublin City University, examining preterm baby feeding and supports available for new mothers in Malawi.

Parallel to his research, Eoghan’s clinical experience is equally valuable. He spent periods at Keltoi HSE Rehabilitation Unit and the Rise Foundation, gaining hands-on exposure to real-world scenarios and developing a deep understanding of therapy processes and patient support.

Beyond academia and healthcare, Eoghan’s creativity is revealed in his successful career as a musician and event coordinator. His experience in this field has broadened his skills and underlined his ability to connect with diverse audiences and communities.


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