Eimear McGlinchey

Trinity Lead, PPI Ignite Network

Dr. Eimear McGlinchey is an Assistant Professor in Intellectual Disability and a faculty member at the Global Brain Health Institute. Her research is based at the Trinity Centre for Ageing and Intellectual Disability, focusing on the area of brain health in individuals with intellectual disabilities, particularly in the context of dementia in those with Down syndrome.

With a background in Psychology, Dr. McGlinchey leads the PREVENT Dementia – DS project, which is part of the Horizon 21 European Down syndrome Consortium. This project is focused on identifying early biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease using a variety of methods, including neuroimaging, blood-based, and cognitive biomarkers. Eimear was co-PI on a project to develop best practice guidelines for post-diagnostic dementia support for people with an intellectual disability. Eimear works internationally to support people with Down syndrome and works to address inequities faced by this population. Eimear is also co-applicant on the IDS-TILDA study, a longitudinal study on ageing in people with an intellectual disability. For over a decade, Eimear has worked to ensure that people with an intellectual disability are included in the research process as advisors at all stages.

In addition to her research, Dr. McGlinchey contributes to the academic community as an educator. She teaches within the undergraduate and postgraduate programs and supervises a range of students, from undergraduates to PhD candidates. She also coordinates several MSc courses in Ageing Health and Wellbeing in Intellectual Disability, Dementia, and Community Health at the School of Nursing and Midwifery. She has a number of publications and has disseminated widely through national and international conferences.

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