Niamh Dillon

Programme Manager, PPI Ignite Network, RCSI

Niamh is a qualified pharmacist and has worked predominantly in hospital pharmacy, but also in other healthcare settings, research, and teaching. After receiving her Masters of Pharmacy from the University of Brighton, she continued her development through experience and formal qualifications. Before joining the PPI Ignite Network, she most recently worked as a research fellow in the School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences on the HSE-funded MECC Digital project implementing and evaluating a blended digital model of brief intervention delivery in primary care (2022-23). Niamh is passionate about inclusion of patient voice in healthcare research and collaborates with Dr Michelle Flood, PPI Ignite Network site lead for RCSI, and the multidisciplinary RCSI PPI in Research committee to embed PPI within the institution and the wider Network.

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