Prof. Laura Lundy

Co-Director, Centre for Children’s Rights
Queen's University Belfast

Professor Laura Lundy is Co-Director of the Centre for Children’s Rights and Professor of Education Law and Children’s Rights at Queen’s University, Belfast and Professor of Law at University College Cork. She is co-Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Children’s Rights. Her expertise is in law and human rights with a particular focus on children’s right to participate in decision-making and education rights. Her 2007 paper in the British Educational Research Journal, “’Voice’ is not enough” is one of the most highly cited academic papers on children’s rights ever. The model of children’s participation it proposes (based on four key concepts – Space, Voice, Audience and Influence) is used extensively in scholarship and practice. The “Lundy model” has been adopted by numerous national governments, including Ireland it its national strategy and framework on child and youth participation, as well as international organisations including the European Commission, Council of Europe, World Health Organisation and UNICEF.

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