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Are you interested in joining the PPI Ignite Network team as a research assistant?

You will be part of the Network team, working with researchers, community and patient organisations, with members of the public, and with University administration staff. The research assistant will work both the Network’s National Office (50%) and the University of Galway programme office (50%), and will be based in the  University of Galway.

The PPI Ignite Network is making a difference, the research culture across Ireland is changing to bring the voice of lived experience, the voice of the patient and the public to the centre of research in health and social care. Funded by the Health Research Board and the Irish Research Council, with co-funding from the seven Universities at its core, these seven Lead Sites, ten national partners, over 50 local partners, many individual PPI contributors and other organisations that are not yet formally part of the Network are working collaboratively to achieve our common goals.

It is a busy time for all involved, but it is a very exciting time and in this research assistant post, you can play your part in bringing about change. It is a great opportunity to learn about research management, to gain an understanding of challenges and solutions to building successful PPI relationships, and to build connections across the national research and patient organisation communities.

Find out more here – the application closing date is  9th December 2022

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