Seeking diversity on our Public Advisory Board

In March, we invited expressions of interest from the public to join our Public Advisory Board. The breadth and quality of the submissions we received was excellent, we met online with some people recently, and are almost ready to set up our Public Advisory Board.

However, Ireland is home to a culturally and linguistically diverse population. It is important that this diversity is represented in our Public Advisory Board, therefore, we are reaching out with a targeted call to ensure that we have a diverse panel.

The Public Advisory Board will bring the voice and perspective of the public, independent of organisations or specific causes, to contribute to shaping the Network’s activities. It is very important that we have representation from minority groups on our Board – so if you are from a minority group, please take a look here, to find out more about the Public Advisory Board and to find out how to let us know you are interested in becoming a Board member.

The closing date for send us an Expression of Interest this call to is Monday 30 May 2022.

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