The National PPI Festival 2023 Comes to a Close

The National PPI Festival 2023 now draws to a close, and what a fantastic month it was!

A huge thank you  to the lead sites, patient and community organisations, national and local partners, research groups, and PPI contributors who collaborated together to bring us inspiring and engaging events.

PPI is a space where WE all matter, and the range of events in this years festival proved that to be true. From workshops, seminars and round tables to forum theatre, choral music, and photo galleries the sheer diversity of ways PPI was celebrated around the country is astounding.

Of course, this is not the end! We here at the PPI Ignite Network and all our national and local partners are committed to keep promoting PPI in Irish research. Our festival page will continue to be updated with recordings and outputs from some events, and stay tuned to our calendar of events to see upcoming PPI events.


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